Zephyr Quartet is a bold and adventurous string quartet, delighting in the exploration of diverse music and forging dynamic collaborations. Since its inception in 1999 the quartet has shown a continued determination to expand the boundaries of art music and how it is received by audiences. A firm believer in the power of the string quartet as a medium to communicate and explore complex relationships between society and art, Zephyr has achieved an enviable reputation for artistic excellence, innovation and audience development.

Exquisite Corpse

Produced by Zephyr Quartet in association with Adelaide Festival Centre and the Adelaide Festival of Arts

A seamless one hour score composed over eight months, by twelve composers across two countries to create a musical version of the Surrealist game, Exquisite Corpse.

Musical fragments passed between composers across the world. A large-scale composition for amplified string quartet performed with live projected art created by Luku Kukuku and Jo Kerlogue.

Surreal, quirky, extreme, vital and surprisingly beautiful.

7 & 8 March, 8pm 
Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre

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