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A legacy of creativity

In 2013 Zephyr Quartet established Continuum, a commissioning fund dedicated to supporting the Quartet's ongoing commitment to the creation of new Australian works. 

The five works in Between Light will be the first produced through the fund.

"In the days of Beethoven and Haydn a thriving culture of patronage existed, but sadly that's greatly diminished over time," says Hilary Kleinig, Zephyr Quartet's Artistic Director. "Supporting the creation of new music is very much a lasting investment with cultural significance for future generations. With this fund and projects like Between Light, we hope to remind people of that and inspire them to become involved in bringing new music to life."  

Donations are fully tax deductible through the support of Creative Partnerships Australia's Australian Cultural Fund. 


For further information please contact Zephyr Quartet's manager, Jennifer by email at

Our sponsors

The Zephyr Quartet gratefully acknowledges the generous support of

the South Australian Government through Arts SA and corporate partner, Wirra Wirra.

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